Wednesday writing week10

In preparation for the final reflection paper, start by thinking back on your work this quarter. What was most challenging? What did you enjoy? What did you learn about writing from trying to work with real communities/organizations?


The most challenging thing me is to understand our audiences and find out what they need and also incorporate those things into our writing. We did researches and surveys to find data and try to support our arguments. I think that is the most challenging part in the writing. What I enjoyed very much is the process we create our own solutions on advertisement of GHI, we discussed several methods and finally I think we made a good job.

Working with real communities is really a great experience, I think focusing on audience is an important aspect. I also learnt how work in a group. I learnt how to combine our research into our paper and express our ideas creatively and also, targeted on our audiences.


Based on your work and on the peer review, reflect on your sample documents. What do you think is especially effective, successful, and compelling about your draft? What do you think may be awkward, confusing, boring or otherwise ‘not working’ about your draft.

For the email, we provide a limited colour combination but it clearly shows the key point of GHI. The more effective part is that we have the great pictures with the concise words to better represent the services from GHI.

The awkward part might be that when we put the aetna logo with GHI logo together, it seems somewhat weird because one is rectangle while another is purely squared, so we should build a better arrangement and layout. Secondly, in the services part, the words and pictures  are too close to each other and seems a little crowded.

For the insurance card, the successful part would be that we provide both clear and simple information of user info as well as the services provided by GHI, we design it with a table and make it easy for audiences to acquire the important informations.

Yet, the layout of insurance card can be improved, we can get more space on the edge of the back of the card and change the font a little bit to fit the new layout.

Wed Writing Week 7

Explain the key information design strategies that you learned in the texbook and how you plan to apply these designing your 2 example documents in a usable and accessible way?

  1. grouping content rhetorically
  2. organizing content visually(can enhance contrast or key points)
  3. signaling structural relationships

For insurance card, we need to provide the information as concise as possible—-we don’t want to put too much unnecessary things in a small space to mess it up. For example, put ID, name, services, prices, contact number and some other important info on the obvious place, use different colours and fonts to highlight those staff. The font size should be appropriate,  we should make it easy for audiences to read. For different group of information, we can use space to separate them and divide them into different clusters. We should also consider the integral beauty, like margin, spaces between different parts, symmetry should be considered carefully.

For the email, we can provide much more information than the insurance card does. First we can make a more attractive form with some certain colours in background. We will try to use different colour combinations and see which one is better for appealing audiences and build a relationship with them. Then we want to present our content in a clearer way. For the subpoints or coordinate explanations, we can use bulleted lists or tables to make our email easier to read. Intentional space will also be an important bridge to jump from one point to the other. Fonts and font size are also important parts, we should make it more efficient for readers to read and size should also be proper so that audiences can read easily, quickly and will not get tired of it.

Wednesday Writing Week6

  1. Define the genres that you will make for the final project.
  2. Locate 1 and share good examples of each genre. (I recommend that each group member find different good examples).
  3. Identify and explain several key writing or design choices that you think are effective. This means that you should both define a writing/design choice from your examples and explain why you think it is effective.

1. The genres that we will make for the final project is mail & Insurance card.

2. Good example for email:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.13.18 PM

Good example for info card:



For the email, the one above has several advantages: It has a coloured background, in the middle is a white paper with black words, this contrast emphasize the words part and let audiences focus on the content the email tries to convey; Secondly, it uses body font to underscore the key items, so viewers can get a better understanding on the content, like which one is more important, also the author uses the bullets to show different supporting ideas, making the emails clear and much more effective.

For the insurance card, it limits the choices of colour to make the card simple and easy to read; It takes use of several horizontal lines to separate different parts, we can see name and id are in the same part while the costs for each service are in right hand part, it becomes really convenient to read when we separate the contents wisely. Also, in the writing of the insurance card above, we can’t find any lengthy sentence inside, it keeps using the short term of words and makes the card cleaner, simpler and much more accessible than the other cards.




Wednesday Writing Week4

Reflect upon the contexts in which you write. What spaces/places are most/least productive for you? What genres do you write the most? How much time to you spend writing to communicate interpersonally; writing to aid your studying; or writing to compose polished documents for real audiences? What tools, strategies, or interfaces are important for your writing process?

About the contexts where I wrote, I would say website, blog, socialisation on internet, email that communicate with professors, cover letter, and assignments from the classes. The places that are quite and not crowded will make me productive, like the library on Sunday. My home is least productive for me. I write papers(like artistry paper) most. I spend one hour per day to communicate interpersonally; few hours a week to aid my studying; very few time to compose polished documents for real audiences, I rarely do that but I think it’s a really meaningful and interesting thing. Acquiring the informations and doing research, hearing advices from my friends and internet is really important for my writing process.

Wednesday Writing #3

1. Reflect: The reading for this week discussed rhetorical theories. What theories may inform the work you do with your group project? What theories or values may inform the technical communication of your community or organization? This is an intentionally open-ended question. You should spend some time reflecting on the reading and how this may inform your group project.

Hi, I am from group 4 and our group project is dealing with the problems from UCSB Student Health Centre. The health problem is always an important aspect of human’s life. The theories or the ideas like “who will go UCSB Student Health” or “who needs the Student Health service” and “how to help them get a more convenient services from Student Health centre” or “how to strengthen the importance of health for students”will direct me to the way about what work should I do in my project. We are considering making posters or doing articles on the websites to let students know how to help their own body. More importantly, the audiences might be a key part in this process and informs the technical communication of our community. Some students don’t always see the websites and cannot get access to the services from UCSB Student Health, so the email might be a efficient way of informing them. On the other hand, the doctors, or the Student Health Staffs might face the more difficult situations than students do, like writing the reports of appointments schedule problems when there are too many appointments aw well as writing the analysis of patients’ diseases and in fact they have more writing situations than students do. This inspires me to think the way to help them. Also, the theories like “does student know the benefits they have in Student Health Centre?” Most students have the health insurance and some of them can get the free services like regular dental cleanings and exams, which are really helpful but some of them does not even know. The relevant idea might be “Are the insurance necessary for students?”Those might be other directions of informing the work I do with group project.

2. Plan: You will need to find some research to inform your white paper. To prepare for this: 1) define the problem that you will research 2) find 1 or 2 credible resources that may help you understand the problem.

  1. Does everyone in universities does have a health insurance?
  2. source: